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What we do?
We rent single and double seated kayaks. We also organize guided trips for individuals and company groups. Get your own group together and get prepared to enjoy the nature through kayaking.

Where we are?
Our office is located in Asikkala Vääksy, Southern Finland. Vääksy is located on an isthmus, between Lake Vesijärvi and Lake Päijänne which makes it a perfect location for kayaking. It is 30 minutes from Lahti and an hour and a half from the capital Helsinki.

Where to go kayaking?
From Vääksy you can take a trip to Lake Vesijärvi or Lake Päijänne. You can also combine the trips of these two lakes by kayaking through the Vääksy Canal. There are many different start-up points where to choose from in Vääksy. For your convenience, we can also deliver the kayaks to your summer cottage in Asikkala.

The National Park of Päijänne is also a very suitable for kayaking and it is a convenient distance away from Vääksy. From there you’ll find marked places for camping with campfire sites. You can also start your trip from Pulkkilanharju which is a part of the National Park. Pulkkilanharju is a long beautiful ridge and definitely worth seeing.

Kalkkinen Canal gives you the opportunity to explore the waters of Kymi River. Through Lake Ruotsalainen you can travel to the city of Heinola.

Guided kayaking trips
We also organize short guided trips to Lake Vesijärvi and Lake Päijänne. These trips are perfect for first time kayakers or persons who have just kayaked for a couple of times. They last approximately 2-3 hours and the trip length is 8-15 kilometers.

A longer whole day trip takes you around the island Salonsaari on Lake Päijänne. Its start and end point is Vääksy and the trip length is 25-30 kilometers depending on the route. Because of the length, the trip is more demanding and it is recommended for persons who have already kayaked more before. This trip is also suitable for independent trips without guidance.

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